Accreditation Resources

General Practice Accreditation is a voluntary process that practices undertake for many reasons:

• It's an opportunity for reflecting on practice policies and procedures to ensure they are in line with best practice principles and to identify areas for improvement
• It demonstrates to the practice team and to peers in the community that the practice is committed to providing services which are safe and of high quality
• It allows practices to participate in initiatives such as the Practice Incentive Program or 'PIP' which offers additional funding for accredited clinics around a range of services such as e-health, after hours services, quality improvement and chronic disease care and teaching medical students among several others.

The accreditation standards are set out by the RACGP in consultation with the General Practice sector and relevant peak bodies.

RACGP Standards (5th ed)

Used by over 80% of General Practices, these standards are “one of the pillars of safety and quality in the Australian healthcare system."

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Accrediting bodies

There are 5 agencies which can provide accreditation services for General Practices. 

One your practice registers with one of these agencies, you will be guided through a process of self-assessment and collection of documentation to demonstrate you meet all required criteria.

Once the practice is ready, your chosen agency will send out representatives to visit the clinic and go through the different 'standards' with the practice team to ensure all requirements are met.


Policy & Procedure Manual

Both accreditation bodies, GPA and AGPAL, have policy and procedure templates included as part of their resources. Just contact your accreditation provider for more details on how to access and customise this resource for your practice.

Additional Accreditation Templates