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Boost your breakfast brain power with the free e-Report, Scoop on Breakfast

Designed to help practice nurses, the first issue covers the hottest topic in health and nutrition: the gut microbiome and its role in preventive health and wellbeing.

Why is it so important? What does the latest research say? How can the research be translated into practical tips for patients?

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Keeping up to date with the latest nutrition and health research can be overwhelming, and take a lot of time to digest all the facts and figures and translate into everyday advice for patients.

Update your nutrition knowledge with Scoop on Breakfast, which offers you a comprehensive summary and analysis on the hottest topics in nutrition, the latest breakfast research, practical tips from dietitians and more.

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Expert Interview – To Your Patients’ “Gut Health”: Become a Microbiome Manipulator

We asked two world-leading experts – Professor Nicholas Talley and Professor Mike Gidley our burning questions about the gut microbiome including:

What are the 3 factors that define a healthy microbiome?
How long does it takes to change the microbiome?
How can dietitians help create a healthy microbiome?
Research Review – The Latest in Breakfast Science

We asked Dr Jean Kim, Scientific Affairs Analysist at Nestle, to review three new breakfast studies, all on the emerging science of the gut microbiome. Read the topline summary of the research papers here, and how this may affect your practice.

Recipe Inspiration – Pina Colada Oats

Transport yourself to paradise with this coconut and pineapple bircher muesli recipe.

Sunrise Secrets: Dietitians Share their Breakfast Tips

Three top dietitians share their favourite breakfast tips and breakfast inspiration to kick-start their day.

Learn from an Expert: Dietitian Skye Swaney APD

Learn Skye’s 5 simple tips to break through the breakfast barrier for your patients.

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